5 Benefits of Using Wooden Wicks in Candles

Read about the top 5 benefits of wooden wick candles.


Wooden wicks are all the rage in the candle industry. They give a rustic, outdoorsy feel. Let's dive into the top 5 benefits of using a candle with a wooden wick.

1.) The "Fire Side" Effect

Photo by Vlad Bagacian on Unsplash.

Wooden wicks are a great alternative to a traditional cotton wick. With its "fire side" effect, you will be sure to think you are sitting around a campfire every time you light it. 

They provide a unique burn that crackles while lit which at first can be noticeable if you are not used to the sound, but the more you have the candle around, the more the crackle will blend into the background and soon be a relaxing sound that sends you to your happy place.

A wooden wick candle is perfect for when the weather is too cold to enjoy a real bonfire. You can even get that essence of being outdoors with our pine & balsam candle; The Winter Night.

2.) Sustainability

Keeps your lungs & your home clean with wooden wick candles. 

Wooden wicks have been proven to be more sustainable than cotton wicks. You can get thousands of wicks from one tree, and they are left untreated, so there are no chemicals floating into the air when your candle is lit. 

A lot of wicks will produce soot and a black smoke when lit, this will not happen with wooden wicks. They are clean burning and are a great alternative for those who have issues with traditional cotton wicks candles. Keeping your lungs and air at home clean is our top priority!


3.) The Aesthetic

Candles are the perfect accessory for any room in your home. 

Your home is the ultimate sanctuary. You want to keep cozy, comfy, and enjoy everything in your home. A wooden wick candle is the perfect addition to your safe space. 

Not only does a wooden wick candle have beneficial properties, they also look good! 

4.) They Make Your Candle Last Longer

Get the perfect burn everytime you light a Citrus + Sage Co candle.

There is no doubt we love the way a wooden wick candle looks, but they also make your candle last longer. Wooden wicks heat the wax evenly when burning, allowing for a perfect burn everytime. Paired with our coconut soy wax blend, you will get a minimum of 40 hours out of our candles, letting you feel their full effect.


5.) They Need a Little Love, But They Are Worth It

Make sure your wooden wick is always as short as possible before burning.
A candle with a wooden wick required a little more love, but it is worth it. You always want to ensure your wick is as short as possible. We always make sure your wick is cut short when you get it in your hands for the first time.

After each burn, and once the candle has re-hardened (and cooled) you want to make sure you are removing all of the charred bits from the wick. Think about it like lighting a stick on fire, if you hold stick up and light it on fire, it will eventually go out. If you light that same stick on fire in a fire pit with kindling, it will stay lit and you will get to enjoy the fire. This is the same premise with a wooden wick. The wax acts as the "kindling" for the candle, and is used as fuel to keep the wooden wick lit.