Aura Wax Melt.
Aura Wax Melt.
Aura Wax Melt.

Aura Wax Melt.

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Elevate your ambiance with Aura – the ultimate fusion of nature's finest scents! 

Introducing Aura Wax Melts: Your passport to a 100-hour journey through a forest of orange zest, crisp pine, and sultry patchouli. 

🔥 Melt away stress and anxiety, one luscious aroma at a time.
💚 Pure, eco-friendly soy wax for guilt-free indulgence.
🌟 A fragrance that lingers for days, not just hours.
🏡 Transform your space into a fragrant sanctuary.

Unleash the Aura and let your senses roam free. Each pack of 6 cubes is 2.6 oz and will give you over 100 hours of scent time!

Just put 1-2 cubes in a wax melter, turn it on, and enjoy the aromas of our signature scents throughout your whole house, without the worry of a flame. 🔥 

2.6 oz | 100 hour scent time